Our Culture

Employee Training

At the core of our business is our ability to hire and retain quality developers. We follow a strict recruitment process that involves testing of programming concepts followed by candidates writing a mini-program in the language of their choice. Successful candidates then go through 3-4 months of in-house training before being assigned to client projects. This process has allowed us to produce highly capable developers for our clients, resulting in a mutually beneficial partnership. As a result, we not only have satisfied clients, but also engaged and satisfied developers.

At Mitra US we pride ourselves on our low employee turnover rate. The average years of employment for our developers is 5 years and the longest employment is for 10+ years.

To ensure business continuity Mitra US maintains bench developers. The number of bench developers depend on the count and length of running projects. In the event of a resource loss, we are able to fill the vacant position with minimal impact on deliverables.

Weekly meetings are held between developers and managers to make sure the business knowledge is shared, further minimizing risks should an employee leave.

Project Management

At Mitra US we utilize JIRA Issues and Project Tracking software. All projects and related tasks are recorded and delegated through JIRA. Requirements documents, database design documents and email communications are all securely stored in JIRA.

Through JIRA we streamline the project delegation process and also retain the business knowledge related to the various projects in one central location. Changes made in the code are tagged with our JIRA Task ID for easily retrieval of documents.


At Mitra US we take security very seriously. We follow stringent protocols to ensure client data and intellectual property is protected. Some of the steps we take include:

  • Maintain secured network accessible remotely using VPN with two factor authentication.
  • Machines are patched and updated with latest OS and anti-virus updates.
  • Use single-sign-on so employee access can be easily controlled.
  • Use secured source control software (Vault by SourceGear) to ensure developers can only access source code they are currently working on.
  • Perform regular code review to make sure code complies with client requirements.
  • Make sure no LIVE client data resides on local machines or development servers.
  • Nightly back up of source code and SQL changes.

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