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Mitra US, Inc. specializes in application development using Microsoft® .NET Framework, MVC, Angular, React, Xamarin, Node, SQL Server and Oracle databases. Over the years we’ve developed hundreds of reusable components, which significantly speeds development of reliable, robust web and mobile applications. This library of applications, combined with our experience, database expertise and knowledge of a wide range of business processes, have allowed us to become a highly skilled custom development company.

MitraUS Technology Stack

Microsoft .NET

Over 16 years on .NET experience. With our roots in VB6 and classic ASP, .NET was a natural move for us. We have developed 100s of applications ranging from simple to complex systems that manage $100mm+ of transactions. As .NET has evolved so have we. Contact us to find out how we can be of assistance.

Angular & React

Front-end development can be messy and complicated. It is important to make sure the code is manageable and secured. With over 5+ years of Angular experience and 2 years of React experience, we can help you tame the JavaScript mess that comes with front-end technology development. Contact us to find out how we can be of assistance.


Microsoft.NET technology that allow developers to write code once to target both iOS and Android devices. It is robust and constantly maintained to keep up with changes in mobile technology. It is a great option for development shops that have legacy code built using .NET Framework.

Google OR-Tool

A brilliant way to optimize any workflow or network flow using empirical proof. Whether you want to use one of the Google OR-Tools “out-of-the-box” algorithms, such as, MinMax Flow, Route Optimization, or need to create your Linear Algebra formula to optimize a process, determine the lowest cost or calculate the fastest time (think assembly line) – MitraUS can help you guide and develop through the dizzying array of options. Proper utilization can be business changing! Contact us today to find out more.


We are Node.JS development service provider that provides you Top-class Node.JS Services to build scalable and secure web apps. Our Team of Experts make effective use of Node.JS development tools & technologies to build the most interactive, real-time and fast working apps for the internet. We develop robust hybrid web apps that are easy to use. We have successfully Delivered Various Web Apps using Node.JS Technology.

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